Transportation and logistics shouldn’t be the main problem we face in therapy, but I know they can be.  If making it to in-person sessions is impractical for you, I offer the option of holding some or all of our sessions by phone or videochat for both individuals and couples.

The therapeutic process works much the same way as it does in person, and we will still hold weekly 50 minute sessions.  Good e-therapy isn’t about pre-recorded voice messages or cursory texts chats.  It’s the same process, with the same level of investment, just in a more convenient format.  Therapy is still therapy.  You will have my full and complete attention during our sessions.  I won’t be juggling other clients, and I hope that you will give our sessions the same undivided focus that you would in person.

I offer phone or video therapy to residents of New York and New Jersey.  Some clients prefer to meet in person initially before switching to e-therapy.  Other clients prefer video chat or the phone from start to finish.  I’m happy to do whatever works for you.  We can discuss your options and develop a plan during our free initial phone consultation.