What are your fees?

My standard fee is $175 for a 50-minute individual session or $250 for a 50-minute couples session. 

I can provide a bill for you to submit for reimbursement if you have out-of-network benefits with your health insurance.

How long will therapy last?

Everyone is different, so every course of therapy is different.  That said, I adopt a results-driven approach, and I avoid unnecessarily prolonging the therapeutic process.  My approach prioritizes delivering prompt, evidence-based interventions. 

How often will we meet?

I meet with most clients on a weekly basis, at least during the early phases of therapy.  As we progress, we may transition to meeting less frequently.

Does therapy actually work?


Numerous scientific studies have shown that psychotherapy works for a broad range of conditions.  In a recent meta-analysis, for example, Pim Cuijpers reviews roughly 500 randomized studies on the effectiveness of psychotherapy for depression and finds that psychotherapy is “equally effective as pharmacotherapy, and combined treatments are more effective than either of these alone.”  That said, therapy is not a panacea or a quick fix.  Therapy works best when the therapist and the client develop a strong therapeutic alliance, and no responsible therapist will ever offer you a guarantee of success.  

Does Telehealth/Tele-therapy really work?

Yes, when done right.

Tele-therapy presents some unique challenges.  In-person interaction can allow for richer communication through body language or facial clues, but Tele-therapy works well when you have un-interrupted time and a private space for sessions. 

In a recent review of 108 separate studies, a team of Swedish researchers showed that Tele-therapy is as effective as in person therapy for depression, panic disorders, and social phobias. 

In my own experience, Tele-therapy works if you’re willing to make the same commitment and investment that you would in traditional therapy.  We can discuss if Tele-therapy will suit your needs during our initial phone consultation.

I’ve tried therapy before, and it didn’t work.  Will it be different with you?


Therapist “fit” is essential to success.  You need to find a therapist with whom you can develop a strong working relationship.  Unfortunately, not all therapeutic relationships work out.  I’ve often worked successfully with clients who had experienced unsuccessful therapy in the past. 

I hope you will read more about me and my philosophy on this site as you decide whether or not we would be a good fit.  An initial phone consultation is often the easiest way to determine if we could work well together.  That’s why I offer a free consultation, and I encourage you to contact me to set one up.

I’m not “crazy.”  Do I still need therapy?

Most of my clients are not confronting severe mental illness.  As a matter of fact, many of my clients would not even qualify for a formal mental health diagnosis under the standard guidelines.  This is one of the reasons that I prefer not to work with health insurers, who will typically only authorize treatment in response to a specifically diagnosed mental health problem.

Therapy can help you with just about anything you’re facing.  If you think that your concerns warrant talking to a therapist, then they do.  I’ve never had a client who came into therapy too soon, but I’ve had many who came in later than they should have.  If something’s bothering you, there’s no reason to suffer on your own.  I’m here to help.